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Poll Results for What Sense to you find most arousing?

The poll results are in...

Sight (40%)
Sound (0%)
Taste (0%)
Touch (40%)
Smell (20%)


The sample size was a bit small but as you can see the 2 categories were Sight and Touch. What surprised me is that Taste got no responses at all. I do think this was because of the fact the number of respondents was low.

Further, it would be interesting to know from what gender the responses came from as it may be different for men and women. Personally I think site is the greatest influencer as sight is the sense with the greatest capture range. You usually can see something before the other senses come into play.

As to taste I hope it is not an under-rated sense. Remember the taste of a kiss? The slight saltiness of skin? Oh yeah, tast works for me to.

As well as sound!

If anybody can link a good study about this subject please comment.
Aunt Gill offers this link...
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